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Anviz Fingerprint & RFID Card 
Stand Alone Access Control
& Time Attendance : รุ่น VF30

ระบบสแกนลายนิ้วมือ และ RFID การ์ด
     Global Best Seller

  • Ti Stellaris 32 Bit HIgh Speed CPU
  • 2,000 ลายนิ้วมือ 
  • Infrared Finger Detect &Wakeup Sensor
  • RS485, USB Device, TCP/IP
  • Door Open Sensor, Wiegand in& Out, Direct Lock Control Group, Time Zone, Scheduled Bell, Doorbell, Relay out
  • FP, Card, ID+FP, ID+PW, PW+Card, FP+ Card, FP+PW
  • RFID/Mifare Card
  • IP53

สอบถามวันนี้ โทร 081-702-2703, 088-634-1765

Magnetic door sensor interface for real time door monitor Long distance Wiegandtransfer up to 90 meters User friendly fingerprint image display
It generates the door open alarm signal if the door open time is longer than the assigned door open time period. Upmost the distance between the reader and separately access controller. Much better network expansibility! Great fingerprint placement guide to make verification easy.

USB data transfer 600% faster and TCP/IP data transfer 50% faster No driver needed Work codefeature for different roles employees
As fast as you think! When you connect VF30/VP30 with computer, no driver will be needed to install just like a standard USB pen drive. Much more convenient than ever! Up to 6-digit word code can be used to calculate different job cost (1 person might have different jobs with different salary, example, 123 for R&D, 124 for technical support Etc) by other payroll software.
Real-time record transmission function TCP/IP client mode communication More display languages
Easy central management via TCP/IP realtime for different applications. Much easier for software developers to build their own centralized solutions. Total 12 languages. English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Bulgarian, Slovakian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Turkish and Polish.



● Anviz technology with optical waterproof fingerprint sensor. Scratch-proof, unbreakable and durable.  Well accept all kinds of fingerprints
● BioNano core algorithm platform of high performance and reliability
● New 2011 version algorithm with improved performance on wet and dry fingerprints.   Support identification from different angles
● Support multiple languages display. Suitable for local market.
● White backlit keypad with 10 numeric keys and 7 function keys  
● Optional RFID/ Mifare/HID card reader
● RS485, Mini USB Slave and TCP/IP for network connection
● Support wiegand26 input/output. 
● Direct lock control to open door, door open sensor.
● Optional SC011/SC844 or any other standard access controller for separate type secure access control system
● Unique infrared auto wakeup design
● Time zone and group access control, real time data transfer monitor
● Standard 2,000 fingerprints and 50,000 records
● Wall mounted, combine 2-in-1 function for access control and time attendance

Item Description
Processor 32-bit ARM MCU
Algorithm BioNANO V10
Sensor AFOS300 Optical Sensor
Sensor Wake Up Mode Infrared
Scan Area 22mm*18mm
Resolution 500 DPI
LCD 128*64 white LCD
Fingerprint Capacity 2000
Card Capacity 2000
Log Capacity 50000
Identification Mode FP, Card, ID+FP, ID+PW, PW+Card, FP+Card
Identification Time <0.5 Sec
FRR 0.001%
FAR 0.00001%
Communication Interface RS485,Mini USB Slave, TCP/IP, Wiegand In&Out
Card Reader Module Optional 125KHZ EM RFID, 13.56MHZ Mifare and 125KHZ HID
Fingerprint Image Display Yes
Self-defined Status 16
Workcode Yes
Short Message 50




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